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Online sports betting guide

This guide will allow you to confidently bet online. To bet successfully, you need to master the basics of sports betting. On SosBettingTips.com, you’ll find all the tips and hints you need to fully understand and, above all, master your online betting.

All elements are explained while trying to be as clear as possible. In our sports betting guide section, you’ll find advice and support on taking your first steps.

Starting well

  • How to start

    Don’t stumble into betting blindly. Follow the advice of people in the know who have gained experience.

  • Choosing a bookmaker

    Our advice on choosing the best bookmaker to suit your needs.

  • Using betting bonuses

    Using the bonuses offered by the bookmaker is, in theory, a good method. But you must take precautions and follow simple rules.

  • The right way to follow a sports tip

    Should you follow other people’s tips? To what extent? The answers are on this page.

  • Sports betting glossary

    The key vocabulary associated with sports betting and betting exchanges.

How to improve

Taking it further

In our Betting Guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use comparators
  • Optimise your bets with bookmakers
  • Avoid traps set by sports betting websites
  • Analyse a match for more successful sports tips and forecasts on Bwin
  • Improve your understanding of Surebets
  • And finally, discover lesser-known bets such as handicap bets

Our sports betting guide section is divided into 3 parts; we advise you to read the articles relating to your situation.

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What is the best sports betting site? How do you bet on the exact result? Where to find good forecasts? Our website aims to answer all of your questions about sports betting. SOSbettingtips is an inexhaustible source of information for your bets and is a place to experience all live matches and find the best odds.

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