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Who are the favourites for the Women's Euro 2013?

>This summer, the Women's Euro Football takes places in Sweden from the 10th to the 18th of July. Germany is once again the favourite but teams like France and Sweden also have high hopes.

Germany favourite to succeed?

The Mannschaft has won the last 5 editions of the Euros, the Germans have therefore logically been named the favourites for the final. Undefeated in the competition since 1995, Germany shows a continuous domination. Eliminated from the quarter finals of the World Cup in 2011, the Mannschaft wants to prove that they are still the best team in Europe.

With odds of 2.10 to win the final with Bwin, Germany is logically the favourite of the competition for the bookmakers.

France as an outsider

With Lyon and PSG, women's football is becoming more and more developed and professionalised in France. Fourth in the 2012 Olympic Games aswell as in the 2011 World Cup, this time France hopes to surpass the semi-finals. Bruno Bini's players have a really good card to play in this competition.

With odds of 4.50 to win the final with Bwin, France is placed behind Germany. These could be the odds to play.

Sweden at home

Lead by Lotta Schelin, the Lyon striker, Sweden hope to have a good run at home. Surprisingly third in the last World Cup, Sweden need to confirm their new status. In front of their supporters, the Swedes could be the big surprise of this Euro 2013.

With odds of 5 to win the final, Sweden are also placed with France as the outsiders of the competiton.

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