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SOS points – How to win them!

Every time you actively participate in the activities of the SosBettingTips.com community, you’ll earn \$o\$! You can then swap them for the gifts of your dreams! If you’re not yet a member and want to win gifts and prizes, register for free right now!

Points you can win

Registration on the site 2000
Subscription to the newsletter 400
Uploading a profile picture 400
Choosing a favourite bookmaker 400
Completing the list of your favourite sports 400
Completing the list of your favourite teams 400
Publishing a tip 200
Each good forecast in the Survivor Competition, in a run of a least 10 good forecasts, earns you extra points. 300
Making the best run of winning forecasts in the survivor competition during the given month. 3000

Points you can lose

Not respecting the policies of the site - 6000
Adding an aggressive or insulting comment - 4000
Last gifts won
PES 11 - Wii, xbox360 or PS3
Won by

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