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Rugby World Cup

on 01 October 2015

Fiji +15
16/19 at

What a surprise! Wales casts a shadow over England’s world cup dream at home in Twickenham on Saturday night (28-25). A excellent performance that allows the Welsh side to take a step closer to the quarter-finals. There are many who would not have guessed this outcome and with Dan Biggar who hit a stunning 23 points to claim this victory over England. Now it’s over to the Welsh to secure a win over Fiji to go to take on Australia for their final battle in the Pool. As for the Fijians, having aggravated England and Australia, will they do better against the Welsh to unlock their first win in this pool of death?

Our bet explained

  • Only once in the last 5 encounters have the Welsh managed to win by 16 extra points, which was in the 2011 World Cup. Fijians, themselves, came out winners in the 2007 World Cup.
  • Fiji has held their own in the clash against England and especially against Australia, against which they lost by only 15 points (28-13).
  • The Welsh have only five days of rest between their clash against England and this meeting. Once they’ve done enough to win, not sure the Welsh will continue to press on to win by a high margin.
  • Fijians have had a few more days of rest in comparison. We believe they largely have the means to annoy the Welsh side.

Our Wales Fiji tip

When victory is secured and there are enough points taken, Wales will retain their strength for the next game against Australia. We advise you to bet on: Fiji not to lose by 15 points or +.

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