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How to find the best tips and the best tipsters!

Thanks to the Internet, you can consult countless betting tips and forecasts. But as with everything, you must be cautious and never blindly follow a tipster. Whether it’s on SosBettingTips.com or on other websites, there are many punters offering betting tips. They may do this on a completely free basis or in exchange for potential payment. It is never clear to punters whether or not they should follow a given tipster.

But firstly, you should be aware that no tip ever justifies a bet worth more than 10% of your capital. Regardless of the quality of the tipster, you must always be on your guard and never consider that he or she knows the truth. In sport, it is impossible to be 100% sure about a prediction, whatever the sport. To assess whether or not a tip is any good you must take several elements into account.

The tipster’s background

Before anything else find out about the tipster. Is he or she better at football or tennis? Is he or she active? Has he or she had impressive results in the past? Always beware of members who claim to know everything. There are lots of Internet users who’ll say absolutely anything to show off. If you have no proof whatsoever about a member’s background, be even more wary.

Other members’ opinions

The community generally states whether or not a tip is a good one. Good doesn’t necessarily mean that it will succeed, just that the arguments are credible. Take advantage of the debates to perfect your own opinion. The best tips are those that lead to a series of arguments / counter-arguments. By reading each person’s opinions, you can then come to your own conclusion about the question. Don’t hesitate to question the tipster. Ask why he or she thinks that a given team will win when you know that the best players will miss the match through suspension.

Sources mentioned by the tipster

The best sources are local. If a Croatian member explains why his or her team is going to win against another, you should listen attentively to what he or she has to say. Certain information may be impossible to find out if you are not from that country. If a member with a great record in his or her own country’s championship gives you an important item of information (players who are injured, suspended, not on form, etc.), listen attentively.

His or her reasoning

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that 50 lines of justification are better than 5 lines. If a member spends an hour analysing the compositions of each team to identify a trend, it’s a good thing. But if he or she explains in 5 lines that the best players in the opposing team spent last night in a night club, then you will have an indication of much greater value because you’ll be basing your judgement on a concrete, purely objective element.

Your personal feeling

We shall end this article on the most important point. Remember that it’s your own money you are betting with. There’s only Sam in the film "Casino" to whom you can really entrust your money – all the other tipsters offer no guarantee of earning you a profit. It is easy to sort out the good tipsters from the bad but always remember that in the end, you are the one who confirms your bet. Therefore, if you lose, it is entirely your fault because you have decided to bet on an online betting website in full knowledge of the facts. So there’s no point in insulting the tipster – he or she cannot be blamed for your mistake.

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