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The best way to use betting bonuses

Using the bonuses offered by the bookmaker is a good method. But you’ll need to take a few precautions and follow simple rules.

Choose the most reputable bookmakers

Given the large numbers of bookmakers available, you must make a choice. Don’t register with just anybody. Stay with tried and tested bookmakers and don’t blindly place your trust in anyone.

Be careful about the withdrawal conditions

Withdrawal conditions are imposed by bookmakers to make it difficult for you to withdraw your bonus. Read our section dedicated to bonuses to discover the specific withdrawal conditions that apply to each sports betting website.

Deposit just what you need and no more

Never deposit more than is necessary. If you need to deposit £100 to obtain the maximum bonus from a bookmaker, then deposit exactly £100. Certain bookmakers require you to stake x times your deposit, so if you deposit £300 you’ll be penalised more heavily, only to earn nothing more in the end.

Benefit from the best offers

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