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World Cup tips and betting forecasts

Discover all the SosBettingTips.com’s editorial team’s World Cup betting tips and forecasts. Reasoned arguments are given for the big matches. To discover them, click "Tip in detail".

Prepare your predictions, the FIFA World cup starts on June 14, 2018 on the soil of Russia! Games until the grand finale of July 15, the competition will crown the 21st world team and ignite all football fans for more than a month.

2018 World Cup groups

As usual, the World Cup will first start with the 32 teams qualified teams in the group stage, which will emerge the 16 best nations for the knockout stages.

Group A: not easy for the Russians

2018 World Cup Betting Tips Russia

In the first pool of the 2018 World Cup, the Russians have not really been spared and find themselves with nations of a similar level, Uruguay, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The Russians should obviously have a lot of trouble competing against the Celestial duo Suarez-Cavani and Mohamed Salah's Egypt. In any case, if Kokorin and company do not want to be humiliated on their land, they must be at their best on the first day and their opening match against the Saudis.

Uruguay to qualify, odds of 1.25 at Bet365

Russia to qualify, odds of 1.281.25 at Sportingbet

Egypt to qualify, odds of 2.30 at Sportingbet

Saudi Arabia to qualify, odds of 9.00 at Sportingbet

Group B: A Spanish-Portuguese duel

2018 World Cup Betting Tips Spain

In this second pool, composed of Spain, Portugal, Iran and Morocco, the 2010 World Champions and the 2016 European Champions are of course favourites. With an excellent generation, the Roja Sergio Ramos should not have too many problems to finish in the lead, while Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal could quickly kill the competition from Morocco and Iran for the second qualifying spot. The Portugal-Spain duel of the first day could prove decisive for the first place.

Spain qualifies, rating of 1.05

Portugal qualifies, a rating of 1.14

Morocco qualifies, odds of 5.50

Iran qualifies, rated 6.00

Group C: easy for France?

 2018 World Cup Betting tips France Griezmann

If nothing is ever simple at a World Cup football, how not to say that the team of France was very lucky in the draw of the group stages? Positioned in Group C with Denmark, Peru and Australia, Griezmann and his team-mates should roll out to easily take the first qualifying spot. Behind, Denmark of Cristian Eriksen and Simon Kjaer should take the second spot, while Peruvian Farfan and Australia of Cahill will be less expected. Be careful however, the Danes have already cracked against less strong than they have in the past. So be suspicious during your World Cup bets this summer.

France qualifies, 1.04

Denmark qualifies, 1.57

Peru qualifies, rating 3.25

Australia qualifies, 4.25

Group D: the most open

2018 Football World Cup Argentina Messi

In group D, it is a more open battle. Between Argentina, Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria, predictions are indeed complicated to establish, as each nation has quality assets. Worn by a golden generation - Messi, Dybala, Higuain, Di Maria - Albiceleste should manage to take first place. Unless Croatia gets involved. Equipped with players like Perisic, Modric, Mandzukic or Subasic, the checkerboard selection will also have assets to make. Less expected, valiant Icelanders and Nigerian soles will not be undervalued either. Great show in short! Argentina-Croatia will be the match not to miss.

Argentina qualifies, odds of 1.14

Croatia qualifies, odds of 1.46

Iceland qualifies, rating 3.45

Nigeria qualifies, 3.45

Group E: Brazil without worries

2018 World Cup Brazil Alves Neymar

In competition with Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia, Brazil should finish at the top of this fifth pool of the 2018 World Cup. With incredible players like Neymar, Gabriel Jesus or Coutinho, the Selecao has all the cards in hand to take 9 points. Behind, Shaqiri's Switzerland should be easy against an inexperienced Serbia and Costa Rica. Although Matic and company are solid and Costa Rica has technical men, the Nati is indeed superior on paper.

Brazil qualifies, odds of 1.02

Switzerland qualifies, 2.10

Serbia qualifies, 2.20 2.15

Costa Rica qualifies, 4.50

Group F: Germany at ease

2018 World Cup Germany Ozil Muller Draxler

Like Brazil, Germany should qualify in their group during this first round of the World Cup football. Drawn with Mexico, Sweden and South Korea, the Germans does not have too much trouble to consider given its quality. If Ozil, Neuer, Hummels and others are at their top, the full box will be insured. Behind, Chicharito's Mexico and Emil Forsberg's Sweden are expected to fight for the second qualifier spot for the round of 16. South Korea will be a step below.

Germany qualifies, 1.04

Mexico qualifies, 5.50 2.15

Sweden qualifies, 2.25

South Korea qualifies, 3.50

Group G: Belgium and England without forcing?

2018 Football World Cup Betting tips Belgium De Bruyne

We will have the pleasure of finding Eden Hazard's Belgium and Harry Kane's England in the same group. Among the biggest underdogs of the World Cup, both Belgians and English should qualify quietly for the second round, far ahead of Tunisia and Panama which composes it. Despite their undeniable collective minds and some talent players, Tunisians and Panamanians should unfortunately will have a hard time in Russia. The calendar should also offer us a magnificent "final" England-Belgium on the last day.

Belgium qualifies, a rating of 1.12 1.10

England qualifies, odds of 1.12

Tunisia qualifies, rating 4.25

Panama qualifies, 9.50

Group H: universal and tight

2018 World Cup Betting tips Colombia Falcao

Group H is special since it is the only one to include nations from different continents at this 2018 edition of the World Cup. Colombia, Japan, Poland and Senegal will thus play their chances, especially since they are all more or less of a similar level. If Robert Lewandowski's Poland and Radamel Falcao's Colombia seem a bit higher, Japan coached by Akira Nishino and Senegal led by Sadio Mané could be a surprise. To see, the duels are in any case exciting.

Colombia qualifies, a rating of 1.33

Poland qualifies, odds of 1.60

Senegal qualifies, 2.35

Japan qualifies, 2.95

The favourites. Who will win the 2018 World Cup?

Beyond the group stage, what remains interesting to watch to bet on the World Cup is undoubtedly the odds proposed by the bookmakers for the title of World Champion. As expected, all sports betting sites acclaim Germany, Brazil and France.

Germany as a favourite

2018 World Cup Betting Tips Germany Low

Unsurprisingly, the current German World Champions are still the most awaited for a coronation at the end of the competition. With an experienced coach at their head, Mesut Ozil and Manuel Neuer have a good chance to believe, especially when you know their recent habits in great competitions. Pretty good, the odds for a victory of Germany is proposed at 5.00 at Bet365.

Brazil at the same level

prognosticos Mundial 2018 Brasil Tite

Brazil will also be one of the ultimate favourites for a final victory next July. Between Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Willian and Thiago Silva, the squad is among the best in the World Cup. Add an unparalleled technical ability and a great dynamic in progress, you will get the second favourite team according to specialists in betting. Listed at 6.00 at Sportingbet

France in the same basket

2018 World Cup Betting tips France Deschamps

Finally, behind the Germano-Brazilian duo, the French team will be the third selection to pick from this new edition of the World Cup. Well in contention after a successful Euro and a qualifying campaign, the men of Didier Deschamps have good reasons to in Russian. If Mbappé, Griezmann, Pogba and Lloris are at their best, they could hurt. The victory of the Blues is proposed at 7.00 at Sportingbet.

The other odds of the World Cup for your bets

Spain wins the Cup, at at 8.00 at Sportingbet

Argentina wins the Cup, at 9.00 at 9.00 at Bet365

Belgium wins the Cup, at 12.00 at Bet365

England wins the Cup at 18.00 at Sportingbet

Portugal wins the Cup, 23.00 at Sportingbet

Uruguay wins the Cup, 29.00 at Sportingbet

Colombia wins the Cup, 40.00 at Sportingbet

Russia wins the Cup, at 40.00 at Bet365

Croatia wins the Cup, at 40.00 at Bet365

Poland wins the Cup, at 41.00 at Bet365

Denmark wins the Cup, at 80.00 at Bet365

Sweden wins the Cup, 126.00 at Bet365

Mexico wins the Cup, 101.00 at Sportingbet

Switzerland wins the Cup, 81.00 at Bet365

Serbia wins the Cup, 151.00 at Bet365

Nigeria wins the Cup, at 201.00 at Sportingbet

Senegal wins the Cup, 151.00 at Sportingbet

Peru wins the Cup, at 151.00 at Bet365

Iceland wins the Cup, at 201.00 at Bet365

Egypt wins the Cup, at 201.00 at Sportingbet

Japan wins the Cup, at 301.00 at Sportingbet

Australia wins the Cup at 301.00 at Sportingbet

Costa Rica wins the Cup, at 401.00 at Bet365

Iran wins the Cup, at 501.00 at Bet365

Morocco wins the Cup, at 400.00 at Bet365

Tunisia wins the Cup, at 750.00 at Bet365

South Korea wins the Cup, at 750.00 at Bet365

Panama wins the Cup, at 1000.00 at Bet365

Saudi Arabia wins the Cup, at 1000.00 at Bet365

How to bet on the World Cup?

To predict as an expert at the World Cup and try to spend as many bets as possible, various keys exist today. We reveal the three essentials to know before wagering at a bookmaker.

Study the shape of executive players

Here are no secrets, it is a question of analysing in depth the shape of the important players of each team before the beginning of the competition. You must consider the number of matches played by the potential holders of the different nations, if they have been subject to injury in recent months and if they have already shone in international competition. For example, if you realize that Cristiano Ronaldo played 60 games with Real during the season, and that he is announced very tired before the start of the World Cup, we will avoid betting on a victory for Portugal next July. And vice versa.

Watch the complete picture

Secondly, it is very important that you do not just analyse the composition of the groups of this World Cup. Indeed, if you aim a prediction on the winner, consider the potential opponents in the round of 16, likewise for the rest of the competition. If you want to succeed, it will take a little luck anyway, and a lot of analysis.

Consider the styles of play

Finally, third major point for your predictions on the World Cup in Russia, the different styles of play. We know, African teams tend not to play as do the South American teams, European or Asian. Often, each nation has a style of play, which will not bother all selections in the same way. For example, a powerful nation like Nigeria could pose some problems for Spanish technicians, while it will be nothing against Panama. Not to be underestimated.

The opinion of SOSPredictions on the World Cup

Finally, we will finish this presentation of the World Cup by revealing the opinion of our football experts, used to major competitions and regular authors of reliable betting tips on football. It's a gift.

Werner top scorer, odds 12.00 with Bet365

A true revelation of recent months in the Bundesliga, Timo Werner should be one of Germany's strongmen during this World Cup. Already accustomed to shine under the colours of Germany - the team of France remember it - the young but powerful scorer of the RB Leipzig just wants to explode, like Thomas Müller during the 2006 edition. With many games to play in anticipation, the native of Stuttgart should succeed in putting goals as pearls. In any case the rating proposed by Betstars is beautiful, it would be a shame to deprive. If you do not know the bookmaker (see our opinion Betstars ), it is probably time to register.

Germany in the final, 2.50 Bet365

In the same vein, betting on a German presence in the final will be far from stupid on the occasion of this 2018 World Cup. Joachim Löw's men are experienced, talented, and should rise to strength in an easy (Mexico, South Korea, Sweden). Neuer et al should also be rubbing against either Switzerland, Serbia or even Costa Rica. Affordable in short, before ramping up.

France to win, odds of 5.5(bet365)

Finally, how not to mention the team of France at the time to discuss our forecast on the 2018 World Cup? Equipped with an exceptional generation, symbolized by Mbappé, Griezmann, Pogba, Martial, Coman and Kanté, Les Blues could achieve winning the second World Cup in its history. After an easy first round, Deschamps' protégés could potentially face Iceland or Croatia in the round of 16, Portugal in the quarterfinals, Brazil in the semi-finals and Germany in the final. An enticing program, which is reminiscent of the course of the Blues in 2006, year in which they had lost the title in shot-to-goal against Italy. If you believe it, quickly open an account at Bwin and try to win € 749 without any risk with the bonus offered!

Extra tip: take advantage of all bookmakers bonuses to bet without too much risk at the World Cup.

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