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Bundesliga tips and betting forecasts

Discover all the SosBettingTips.com’s editorial team’s Bundesliga betting tips and forecasts. Reasoned arguments are given for the big matches. To discover them, click "Tip in detail".

Bundesliga Our Bundesliga tips and forecasts

Our tips and forecasts for the next Bundesliga matches are not yet available. They'll be here very shortly.

Bundesliga Our previous tips

The results of our latest tips and forecasts for this competition are listed below.

Bundesliga Bundesliga
Hertha Berlin Bayern Munich
23/01/2022 16H30
Bayern Munich
1.27 at
Bundesliga Bundesliga
RB Leipzig Wolfsburg
23/01/2022 14H30
RB Leipzig
1.56 at
Bundesliga Bundesliga
Bochum FC Koln
22/01/2022 17H30
Bochum / FC Koln
1.39 at
Bundesliga Bundesliga
Bayer Leverkusen FC Augsburg
22/01/2022 14H30
Bayer Leverkusen / Drawn match
1.17 at
Bundesliga Bundesliga
Moenchengladbach Union Berlin
22/01/2022 14H30
Union Berlin
3.5 at
1 - 2 - 3

Bundesliga statistics

Firstly, it should be noted that the Bundesliga greatly favors teams that play at home. With a victory rate of around 48.2%, the teams playing in front of their fans will have every chance of winning your bets. With only 26.7% of away victories, there is no doubt that it is not good to play off its bases in Germany.

The German championship is also one of the championships in which the players score the most. With an average of 2.8 goals per game in the 2016/2017 year, it is easy to see that the German offensive lines are extremely prolific in front of the opponents' cages and thread the goals like pearls. This figure is simply impressive, particularly when compared with the statistics of other European championships.

What to know before betting on the Bundesliga

Before betting on the Bundesliga, it is necessary to take into account the following figures. First of all, last year, 37 games ended on the score of 2-1, ie 12.09% of the matches of the championship.

Also note that the strikers are relatively efficient in front of the goals and endowed with an impressive cold blood. To illustrate this, let's look at two strikers of quality in the Bundesliga, Robert Lewandowski and Timo Werner respectively attackers of Bayern Munich and Leipzig. The second city is a real revelation and in the image of his team, he surprised everyone by scoring the triple of 21 goals. He contributed greatly to the success of his team. As for the first city, we no longer present it. The Polish striker has scored 30 goals this season and now seems to be at the top of his form. So do not hesitate to bet on one of these attackers because they have not finished feasting us.

General presentation of the Bundesliga

Germany live football. On average, each league match attracts close to 43,000 spectators in the stadiums every weekend. The highest average of goals, a record attendance in the stands ... The Bundesliga would not be the first European championship?

With only 18 teams, the Bundesliga is certainly one of the most respected championships in Europe. For five years, Bayern Munich totally outclassed its direct opponents. Carlo Ancelotti has succeeded in bringing his paw to his workforce. As solid as the creative front, his team is formidable and shakes the opposing teams every weekend. A real revelation of last year, the RB Leipzig will have to confirm the beautiful course that it realized. By positioning themselves as the Bavarian dolphin, Emil Forsberg's team-mates will be expected at the turn and will undoubtedly have to increase their level of play. Dortmund will try to play the holiday troubles in the championship with the finish Of Peter Bosz at the head of the formation. We will also keep a close eye on formations such as Hoffenheim, Cologne or even Hertha Berlin who have done more than compete last season.

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