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Euro 2016 tips and betting forecasts

Discover all the SosBettingTips.com’s editorial team’s Euro 2016 betting tips and forecasts. Reasoned arguments are given for the big matches. To discover them, click "Tip in detail".

Euro 2016 Our Euro 2016 tips and forecasts

Our tips and forecasts for the next Euro 2016 matches are not yet available. They'll be here very shortly.

Euro 2016 Our previous tips

The results of our latest tips and forecasts for this competition are listed below.

Euro 2016 Euro 2016
Italy England
11/07/2021 19H00
3.5 at
Euro 2016 Euro 2016
England Denmark
07/07/2021 19H00
1.83 at
Euro 2016 Euro 2016
Italy Spain
06/07/2021 19H00
2.55 at
Euro 2016 Euro 2016
19/11/2019 20H45
Un 2.5
2.15 at
The tip in detail
Euro 2016 Euro 2016
19/11/2019 20H45
Over 5.5 goals
1.72 at
The tip in detail
1 - 2 - 3

Our Euro 2020 Betting Tips

To take part in the 2020 European Championship , which will this year be held in different countries around the continent, the European national teams must win their spots in the final rounds of the tournament by competing in the qualification stages - which are scheduled to take place until Spring 2020. In addition to the four teams that will secure finals places via the UEFA Nations League, the teams that finish their qualification campaigns in either first or second place of their respective groups will be guaranteed a spot in the Euro 2020 Final Rounds. Divided into 10 groups of either five or six teams, heavyweights such as France, Spain, England and Belgium are ready and raring to go, to try to succeed current European title holders Portugal in the upcoming campaign. There’s plenty to consider for your predictions!

Euro 2020 Betting Tips: The teams to watch

With group-winning positions within their reach, the big nations of Europe are leading the way, and should not encounter much trouble in earning their tickets for the final phase of Euro 2020. Whether it will be England - who will just have to perform better than Czech Republic and Bulgaria - France, Spain or Italy, these European heavyweights are in the best possible position to win, and as such will obviously be the teams top prefer in you predictions. The odds offered by bookmakers on these predictions may prove to be interesting prospects for your bet, so don’t hesitate to take a look on their sites.

According to our European football predictions experts, the only groups that will be really tight will be C, D, and E, given the competition present within them. In group C, the Netherlands and Germany will be wary of Northern Ireland, while Denmark, Switzerland and Ireland will no doubt be engaged in a fierce three-way battle for qualifying places in Group D. In Pool E, Croatia will also have to play against sides that will not be easy opponents, such as Hamsik’s Slovakia, Gareth Bale’s Wales and Adam Szalai’s Hungary.

Euro 2020 Qualifiers: The SOSBettingTips Opinion

With no real surprises present, here are the teams that our European Championship experts predict to qualify from each group. Gareth Southgate’s England are without doubt included.

  • Group A: England and Czech Republic
  • Group B: Portugal and Serbia
  • Group C: Germany and the Netherlands
  • Group D: Switzerland and Denmark
  • Group E: Croatia and Wales
  • Group F: Spain and Sweden
  • Group G: Poland and Slovenia
  • Group H: France and Turkey
  • Group I: Belgium and Russia
  • Group J: Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Will our specialists predictions prove to be right? In just a few months we will know the answers! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to register player accounts with Bet-at-Home, Bwin and Unibet, who are considered to be some of the best bookmakers on the market for these oh-so-exciting qualifications!

Euro 2020 Qualifiers: The Stats to Know

The first key statistic that you should be aware of for making any European qualification prediction is the goal average - which normally racks up the tally compared the the domestic championships that you can follow every weekend. With an average of over three goals per game, bets of ‘More than 2.5 goals’, usually of odds around 7/4, will be preferred for your betting.

Secondly, there has been a low number of draws observed during these qualifying campaign. As each match is regarded by teams as a decisive result for achieving a place in the final phase, teams try to win at all costs in each game they play. This ambition can also be regarded elsewhere in the figures, as only 10-15% of recorded are level in these stages where elimination is at stake. So it’s suffice to say that you should not gravitate towards bets on ‘Draws’.

The final major statistic to keep in mind is once concerning the difference in scores recorded during these qualifying stages. To put it simply, in a match between one of the competition favourites and a less experienced nation, it will not be uncommon to see a vast difference in the scores recorded by both teams. We saw, for example, that during the first week of matches, England recorded high scores against their group opponents Montenegro (5-1) and Czech Republic (5-0). This fact is reflected in the overall statistics from the initial days of the competition, as over 55% of meetings are concluded by results with a difference of at least 2 goals. Handicap bets are not to be underestimated - the word of the experts.

Euro 2020 Betting: What you should know

Beyond these stats, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account for a successful Euro 2020 Qualifiers prediction. First of all, don’t hesitate to take the time to analyse the form of the key players for each side. As this qualifying phase stretches over a span of many months, it will not be uncommon to note differences in form amongst these key players. For example, a Harry Kane who has just come back from injury will not have the same impact as an in-form Kane who has racked up a streak of goals for Tottenham - it’s logic. Spend some time checking out the shape and form of the key players of a team before the match, it will always have an impact on the success of your predictions.

Beyond this aspect, don’t forget to analyse the schedule of the different teams, the actual stake of the match (has one of the teams actually already qualified?), the venue of the fixture, and the history of confrontations between the two sides. Absentees (due to injury or suspension) will also be important to consider, as well as the latest results of each team. As you begin to play, we wish you luck in all of your Euro 2020 football predictions!

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